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Epic Glacier tours onboard sleipnir monster truck


Glacier and highland experience with the biggest glacier trucks in the world!

Would you like to lie down on a glacier and feel its magnificent power? If the answer is yes, our tour enables you to do that - and so much more. The magic of the vast and barren Icelandic highlands and the majestic Langjokull glacier with its white wonderland and its blue clear ice awaits you on our tour.

The tour starts at the amazing waterfall Gullfoss, one of Iceland most popular sites, from there we will take you to the edge of the enormous Langjökull glacier were you will board Sleipnir. The duration of the tour is three hours.



Transfer from Gullfoss to the monster truck and a guided glacier tour.

Price per person: 15.000kr

Langjökull Glacier Expedition

Cross Europe’s second largest glacier, bring your group to the edge of the glacier and we will take them across the icecap where they will enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery of the unspoiled Icelandic highlands.

The crossing of the glacier takes about 2 hours and is available from both East and West side of Langjokull glacier.


City of Trolls

We travel to the high planes of the Langjökull glacier to the Nunatak mountain Þursaborg (city of Trolls).


This unique location is a mountain island in the middle of the glacier desert, experience the of world like glacier landscape, at Þursaborg mountain we take a short hike to explore the area.


The tour will take around 3 hours.


The Volcano Glacier Tour

An amazing tour up the infamous strato volcano Eyjafjallajökull.


Visit the crater of the volcano that with its 80 km2 glacier erupted in the year 2010 stopping more than 100.000 flights in Europe.


The tour will take around 3 hours.


Winter Tours

1 and 2 day tours for groups into Þórsmörk valley.

The Sleipnir trucks open new opportunities for taking groups into Þórsmörk in the winter. Usually, this nature pearl is unaccessible by normal vehicles, but nothing stops the Sleipnir trucks!


Tours are available as transfer only or including activities and accommodation in the cozy huts in Þórsmörk.

Please contact us for more information and details.



Biggest glacier truck in the world

About Sleipnir

Sleipnir tours 8x8 glacier trucks are the largest and safest way to travel on glaciers and are custom built to deal with the difficult and hostile glacier terrain, they are 8x8 all wheel  drive trucks on 65” and 78” tires. They are also built for maximum comfort for our client, with leather seats, skyline windows, state of the art AC system and are equipped with actually usable toilets!


Private tours & Productions

Our crew has been working on the glaciers in Iceland for the last 25 years. We offer all kind of options for work on the glaciers from event managing, scouting the glacier for films and adverts to equipment for large movie operations, we have worked with many companys in the film industry in Iceland including True North, Reykjavík studios, Pegasus etc.

For more information please contact us on or by phone +354 697 7840 and +354 565 4599